Debit Cards

With our VISA® Debit card, you will have access to your money without the hassle of writing checks.

Click on the link below to read important new information about upcoming debit card improvements. The Debit Card Upgrade Guide covers important upgrades and the great new services you will receive with your new chip-enabled Shoreline VISA Debit Card arriving between February and April, 2017.


Debit Card Upgrade Guide

Shoreline Visa Debit card


  • Functions as an ATM or a debit card
  • No need to write checks to make purchases as funds are deducted from your share draft account when you use your
  • debit card instead of a check
  • Monthly statements detail location and amount of each purchase
  • You can also view your card activity via online banking
  • Your debit card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.
  • Notify us immediately if your card is lost or stolen at 920-793-4541 during business hours or 800-554-8969 after hours.

If you are interested in a Shoreline Visa Debit card, contact us to schedule an appointment.