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Click on the "It'sMe247" logo above for a step-by-step instructional video to help you login to your new, enhanced online banking platform for the first time.

Please read important first-time login information below. Also take a look at important information below about Shoreline's System Upgrade and secure Virtual Strongbox Cloud storage for your important documents.

Please read the important information below regarding new upgraded features!

Welcome to It’sMe247!

It’sMe247 makes it so easy to bank online and on your mobile device. View all account information online, from savings and checking accounts, to certificates and loans!

First Time Login Instructions:

1.     Type your default username (if this is your first ItsMe247 account with Shoreline, it will be your member number)

2.     Click Login

3.     Type your default password (your initial default password is the last 4 of the Social Security number of the primary member on the member number in Step 1)

4.     Click Continue

5.     Accept the Terms & Conditions of Use (scroll to the bottom of the page to accept)

6.     Type the default password (from step 3) in the field designated as your current password

7.     Create a new, secure password* and type it into each new password field

8.     Click Change My Password

9.     Create a new personal username (between one and twenty characters) and type it in the new username field.

10. Click Change My Username

11. Type in the answers to three unique security questions (these are not case-sensitive)

12. Click Save My Questions

13.  Explore the new virtual banking experience!

*New passwords must meet strong password requirements: 3 out of the 4 following characteristics – lowercase letter, capital letter, symbol, or number.

Already Set Up Your It’sMe247 Account?

After your first time accessing, you will need to enter your new, custom, personal username, not the default username that was used on your first login. You will also need to answer one of your security questions each time you log in as an extra layer of security. If you wish, you can also select the “Hide my Typing” checkbox underneath the password field for added security.


You can also store your eStatements in Shoreline's new Virtual Strongbox. Click on the link in the section below to find out how you can store your eStatements on the Cloud.

Become familiar with our NEW "It’s Me 247" Online Banking

Take a tour of our NEW online banking platform by clicking on the "It's Me 247" logo above for detailed instructions. Also review features below. 

Online Banking

Scheduled Transfers, Account Alerts and Account Nicknames will need to be re-established in It’s Me 247 so it is important to make note of your current set-up.

You can view your canceled checks through It’s Me 247 online banking. Canceled checks will be viewable in your checking account history for a period of six months.

Bill Payment

Shoreline’s current bill pay provider will remain the same, members will be able to access electronic bill payment by logging in to It’s Me 247 and clicking the "Pay Bills" tab.


Here are some of the exciting, enhanced services that are now available!


Members using our telephone teller service should call 1-800-715-1415. This is the same number as the previous S.A.I.L — Shoreline Automated Information Line. All CUTalk calls must go through the toll free number as access through our branch phone system is no longer available.

Mobile Banking

You will be able to take care of all of your mobile banking needs using It’s Me 247, optimized for mobile. Just use your mobile device to visit and click on It’s Me 247 Online Banking to get started. The App is available on the Apple and Google stores. Check out the great features including Mobile Check Deposit. 

It’s Me 247 is online banking your way!

It’s Me 247 allows you to bank online, when and how you want. It’s online banking made with you in mind. With the all new It’s Me 247, Shoreline Credit Union members can...

  • Apply for a loan
  • Check balances
  • View the date and amount of their transactions, including deposits, withdrawals and transfers
  • Verify certain checks have cleared
  • Read a message from the credit union
  • Stop payment on a check
  • View eStatements
  • Pay bills online
  • View images of canceled checks
  • Transfer funds between accounts, enter text that describes a transaction at the time of the transfer
  • Make loan payments from funds in their account
  • Set up or change automatic transfers
  • Withdraw funds in the form of a check
  • Request that a credit union employee contact them
  • Set up eAlerts
  • Print loan coupons
  • View dividend details on open and closed accounts
  • Sign up to receive eNotices
  • Adjust how paycheck and other electronic deposits are handled
  • Download transaction information to a Comma Delimited File (.CSV), or as a Quickbooks/Quicken compatible format
  • Review loan payoff amounts/due dates
  • Check current loan/savings/certificate rates
  • Initiate opening of additional savings accounts
  • Change your username, change password and security questions, receive reminders to change password
  • Choose personal preferences, ex. background color, photo album and starting page.
  • View annual dividends and interest info
  • Assign nicknames to their accounts
  • View pending ACH transactions
  • Get educated on password strength
  • View amount applied to interest and principal in a loan payment


Manage and store your important information on the Cloud


Virtual StrongBox makes life simpler, while making your personal information more secure.

Click here for a virtual Strongbox tour. 

Backup all of your most important document, laying on your desk or tucked away in drawers, so you can rest assured all of your important documents are safe and secure in your Virtual StrongBox.

To help, Shoreline Credit Union has made it easy to upload your statements and Shoreline receipts to your Virtual StrongBox as well.

It’s easy to access your documents, no matter where you are, whenever you log in to Online Banking. The tool allows you to share documents online as well, with an accountant or family member, or directly with Shoreline Credit Union.

Virtual StrongBox provides:

  • Convenience – upload, sort and manage your important digital documents
  • eStatement Storage – Store your eStatements on Virtual Strongbox 
  • Security – back up documents in a place that keeps your personal information safe
  • Simplicity – easily upload and organize documents in a way that makes sense to you
  • Flexibility – as long as you have access to the internet, your documents will be nearby
  • Reliability – no matter what’s happening, feel confident that your documents are safe

Just login to It's Me 247 Online Banking to get started.

Manage important information on your vehicles

With Shoreline's Virtual StrongBox, have all car documentation organized in one place.

Upload and secure your:

  • Service history – sort receipts for all vehicles in your household
  • Car insurance – make sure you have a copy when it’s needed
  • Title and Registration – always have the information on hand
  • Lease agreement – easy to find when completing your tax return


How is Virtual StrongBox different than Dropbox?

Click on the link below to find out why Virtual Strongbox is the best option for you to store your sensitive documents.


Make moving to a new home easier

A lot of documents come into play when you buy or rent a house.

When you place copies of these sensitive documents behind online banking, you can will always have the information on hand when you need it.

Upload and secure your:

  • Deed – backup the documents to have on hand when you need them most
  • Surveys – have a copy when you need to make changes to your house
  • Home insurance – always have the information on hand
  • Closing loan documentation – to reference when needed
  • Lease agreement – easy to find when you need it
  • Images of rental – to prove any damage that was already present before moving in

As your family grows, so will your digital documents

Make sure you can find documents when they are required.

All of the documents you need to complete applications and transactions, like your birth certificate or Social Security Card, will only multiply as your family grows.

Upload and secure your:

  • Birth Certificates – have a digital copy to share to complete transactions
  • Social Security Card – if disaster strikes, know a copy is always safe behind online banking
  • License or Passport– have a digital document to complete transactions or when the physical copy is misplaced
  • Health Records – always have access when an emergency strikes
  • Insurance Documentation – easy to find when you need it most
  • Estate documentation – when the worst happens, make sure your family isn’t left in the dark

Keep documents essential for your business safe

Make sure the most important documentation to your business are secure

Having a backup and disaster recovery plan is demanded of every small business. Store your most crucial documents with Shoreline Credit Union and share these documents securely with any partner.

Upload and secure your:

  • Electronic statements – upload documents provided by FI NAME directly to Virtual StrongBox
  • Contracts – always have documents needed to conduct business safe
  • Patents – keep the most valuable documents protected
  • Expenses – store copies of receipts for quick retrieval
  • Invoices and Purchase Orders – easy to find when you need it most
  • Documents to share – with lawyer or accountants

Now leaving Shoreline Credit Union

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