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Fast, easy affordable loans. Our low-cost, convenient mortgage loans come with a variety of payment terms.

It is easy to apply in person, online or by phone or mail. Shoreline offers low-cost loans with a variety of payment terms to fit your budget.

Mortgage loans 



Mortgage Rates:

Closing Costs used for a Purchase Assuming / A credit / <80% LTV / $100,000 loan amount

5.25/1 Yr. ARM Rate 3.24% (30 yr. amortization) APR 3.834% $434.66/mo.
13 Year Fixed Rate 3.375% APR 3.541% $792.79/mo.
10 Year Fixed Rate 3.125% APR 3.36% $971.39/mo.
7 Year Fixed Rate 2.875% APR 3.186% $1,326.97/mo.
5 Year Fixed Rate 2.875% APR 3.278% $1,791.31/mo.
 *Rates subject to change.

Closing Costs used for Second Mortgage Equity Loan / A Credit / <80% LTV / $50,000 loan amount

5.25/1 Yr. ARM Rate 3.49% (20 yr. amortization) APR 3.834%  $289.72/mo. 
13 Year Fixed Rate 3.99% APR 4.166% $411.31/mo.  
10 Year Fixed Rate 3.74% APR 3.964% $500.07/mo.  
7 Year Fixed Rate 3.49% APR 3.804% $671.77/mo.  
5 Year Fixed Rate 3.49% APR 3.921% $909.36/mo.  
*Rates subject to change.



Hometown Loan Rebate Program.

Earn cash back to your loan!

Personalized Hometown service is a major benefit of banking at Shoreline Credit Union. Earn up to 0.50% cash back to your second mortgage, or up to 0.25% cash back to all other new loans by completing these steps.

Here is how you qualify* for 0.25% on consumer and mortgage loans:

  • Direct Deposits totaling $500 per month**
  • Register for Online Banking and eStatements
  • Having either a Hometown Credit Card or Platinum Credit Card on your account.

HOMEOWNERS - Here is how you qualify for an additional 0.25% cash back rebate on your new second mortgage:

  • Have an existing first mortgage with Shoreline Hometown Credit Union.
  • Approved and opened new second mortgage.
Consumer and mortgage loans or lines of credit opened after 9/30/2018 are eligible for up to 0.25% cash back. Second mortgages opened after 10/28/2019 qualify for an additional 0.25% cash back, for a total of 0.50% cash back If you meet the monthly qualifying requirements, the earned cash back, based on the loans’ average daily balance for the preceding month will be posted to your loan. All requirements must be completed under the same member number. Credit cards are excluded from receiving a cash back rebate. Loans and credit cards are subject to credit and collateral approval. **Direct Deposits will include credits that are directly deposited into your Shoreline Credit Union account and may include payroll and other ACH entries. The new 2nd mortgage must close 10/28/19 or later
Membership requirements apply. Equal Housing Opportunity. Federally insured by NCUA.




 Get the facts about your Credit Score

Options include:

  • Purchases
  • Refinances
  • Pre-approvals
  • Low money down program
  • First and Second mortgages
  • Home equity loans Apply today*
  • 5, 7, 10, 13, 15, 20 and 30 year fixed-rate mortgages
  • Additional Mortgage Loan Products
    • VA Loans
    • USDA Loans 
    • WHEDA Loans
    • FHA Loans

Bring these items in when applying for a Mortgage

  • Two years employment history
  • Two years of federal income tax returns (W-2, I-9 and all schedules)
  • Two months of financial statements
  • One month of pay stubs
  • Child support or alimony received documentation
  • Pension, disability or Social Security income requires current awards letter and three months of payment proof
  • Copy of property data sheet and offer to purchase documents
  • If refinancing — a copy of the property tax bill, home owners insurance, current mortgage statement (HARP streamline refinances require original Note and HUD settlement statement)
  • Child support or alimony court order if paying
  • If divorced — copy of divorce decree

If you are interested in a home loan with a low rate, contact us to schedule an appointment.


Shoreline Lending Experts who can assist you with your loan requirements:

Bank from home! For first available Hometown Lender, email us Here


Nicole Hurlbert


NMLS ID 1121905/409479

[email protected]

3131 Mishicot Rd.

Two Rivers


Andrea Schmitt

NMLS ID 441422/409479

[email protected]

4400 Calumet Ave.





Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

80% Loan-to-Value or Less
80.01% - 89.99%+
Credit Grade*
Prime + 1.00
Credit Grade*
Prime + .25
Prime + 1.25
Credit Grade*
Prime + .50
Prime + 1.50
* FICO 08

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